Bed Bugs in the Workplace

The following information was taken directly from a bulletin distributed by U.S. General Services Administration IPM Program. In addition, we’ve added a list of resources at the end for general information on bed bugs.

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One Invasive Species Preying on Another

A little less than a year ago, an insect known as the “kudzu bug” was spotted in northeast Georgia. Scientists have been studying it but still don’t have enough information about it to know how—or whether—to control it.

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Lionfish: A new delicacy, or an increasing threat?

Following the lead of Chick-Fil-A to eat more chicken, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has started a new cuisine campaign: “Eat More Lionfish.” Continue reading

Got Weeds? Manage Your Soil

With more and more weeds becoming resistant to herbicides, many experts are recommending a return to a set of practices called integrated weed management (IWM). Like integrated pest management, IWM relies on the biology of the pest—in this case, the weed—to reduce weed populations to manageable levels and prevent future weed introduction. IWM refers to the integrated use of cultural, physical, biological and chemical control strategies to contain or eradicate a population of weeds.

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