AgriLife Extension expert: Proactive lawn weed control best bet

By Dr. Paul Baumann and Kay Ledbetter, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Proactive herbicide weed control for lawns is the key to remaining weed-free when the turf turns green in the spring, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist said.

The most important thing for homeowners when it comes to weed management is to have some predictability on what they may have problems with,” said Dr. Paul Baumann, AgriLife Extension state weed specialist.

“That’s pretty easy because you can just think about what problems you have had in the past: grassy weeds such as grass burrs or crabgrass or broadleaf weeds such as dandelion or the purslanes or something like that,” he said. “And once we know that information, we can oftentimes take a preventative approach in terms of management.”
Baumann addressed a variety of weeds and control methods at the recent turf and landscape field day at Texas A&M University. Also presenting a new possible method of control was Jon Smith, a Texas A&M graduate student currently working for Scotts Miracle-Gro, who discussed a new Canadian bioherbicide for the organic-minded homeowner.

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