New course on landscape IPM offered at the University of Florida

Starting May 2013, take your first steps toward getting a certificate or becoming LMA certified! A new three credit course will be offered starting May 2013 at the University of Florida (UF). The course is called “Landscape IPM: Ornamentals and Turf” and is course number IPM 4254. This course will be offered for UF credit and will be available for students that are enrolled at UF or for people outside UF that are interested in the material. UF will offer the course this summer (2013) and it will be available 100% online. You must have computer and Internet access to take this class. This course is for UF juniors and seniors and landscape and pest management supervisors and owners.

This course will be used as a measure for LMA Certification. The LMA will offer students who pass this class (with an A or a B) the opportunity to become LMA Certified without additional testing since they will be tested as part of the course. This course will also count towards a UF Certificate in Landscape Pest Management. Learn more about the UF distance program, including costs and how to register-

To register for this course please complete a Non-degree Registration Request at the following website:

You will need to fill out some personal information on the form and the following course information:

  • Select Year and Term of Registration: 2013 Summer A/C (May)
  • College: THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL AND LIFE SCIENCES – Entomology Undergrad Distance Courses
  • Course Information: Prefix- IPM. Number- 4254.

If you have trouble filling out this form and registering for the course please contact Ms. Ruth Brumbaugh, Entomology and Nematology Department Student Services Coordinator. Phone: 352-273-3912 Email:

If you would like more information about the course please contact the course instructor, Dr. Jennifer L. Gillett-Kaufman, Phone: (352) 273-3950 Email:

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