Trying to grow grass? Tackling stubborn weeds? NC State has an app for that

Just in time for spring landscaping, the North Carolina State University Turfgrass Program has launched the android version of its popular NCSU Lawn Care app. Focusing on the key categories of lawn care and maintenance, such as grasses, pest problems and irrigation, the app is a convenient, valuable tool for homeowners and commercial landscapers alike.

“When you’re outdoors, whether tending your own lawn or working on a golf course, for example, our app makes it easy to access critical lawn care information right when you need it,” said Charles Peacock, professor of crop science and project lead. “It also answers timely questions about situations specific to North Carolina’s transitional lawn grasses.”

Gleaning information from the Turfgrass Program’s popular and widely-used TurfFiles website (, the app also features a selection of “turf tips” and up-to-the-minute news alerts.

“Due to the state’s uncharacteristically warm winter, we’re seeing warm-season grasses come in about a month ahead of schedule,” Peacock said. “So we created an alert through the app that will help folks tackle this issue.”

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, and android devices. Users without these devices can access the same information through an RSS feed at Content is updated regularly by NC State Turfgrass Program faculty.

To download the app visit:

Contact: Charles Peacock, professor of crop science, 919-515-7615 or

Written by: 
Suzanne Stanard, 919-513-3126 or

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