Tomato yellow leaf curl virus getting worse in Georgia

In Southeast Farm Press

By Clint Thompson, University of Georgia

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus has been a chronic threat to tomato production in south Georgia for more than a decade. The problem is only getting worse.

A University of Georgia researcher says eradicating the disease may not be possible. However, work continues to be done to help farmers select resistant varieties and manage their risks.

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Early-season adult kudzu bug activity in Virginia alarming

From Southeast Farm Press

By Ames Herbert, Virginia Extension Entomologist

Virginia soybean growers are almost certainly going to have some problems with kudzu bug (KB) in soybean fields this summer.

Why? We have been getting very early reports of adults from several southeastern counties for the past several weeks (including Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Sussex, Dinwiddie, Greensville and Prince George). Likely they are much more widespread.

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Webinar on dealing with deer

The eXtension Pest Management in and Around Structures, Wildlife Damage Management Working Group, will host a webinar  “Dealing with Deer: How to protect your garden, plants, and property from deer on June 21, 2013  11:00am central.

Dr. Hygnstrom is a nationally recognized expert on deer damage management.  He will separate the fact from fiction about dealing with deer.

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Prevention key to managing blueberry root rot

Fruit growers are often attracted to blueberry production because the plants have few disease problems. However one disease, Phytophthora root rot, can completely decimate blueberry plants. This spring, agents and specialists with the UK Cooperative Extension Service have seen widespread cases of the disease across the state.

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SIPMC funds 15 IPM Enhancement Grants

This year, SIPMC is funding unique projects that are addressing some of the region’s highest priorities. The following are the 15 proposals that have been funded through the IPM Enhancement Grant:

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