New urban IPM webinars

Below are several great webinars being hosted by eXtension.  You do not have to pre-register for these webinars – just join the session 15 minutes before the event.

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Georgia cotton growers having tough time with thrips

By Phillip Roberts, Georgia Extension Entomologist

This has been a challenging year for thrips.

To date we have treated significantly more acres with foliar sprays than normal. Granted, thrips infestations vary across the state, but as a whole this is a tough thrips year. So why is damage so bad?

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Plant bug alert issued for late-planted Alabama cotton

From Southeast Farm Press

By Ron Smith, Alabama Extension Entomologist

Historically, years of abundant spring rainfall resulting in delayed cotton planting have been some of our highest plant bug damage years.

Plant bug damage can be more pronounced when the migration of adults from wild host plants occurs prior to or about the time cotton is setting the first pinhead squares (6thto 8thtrue leaf).

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Kudzu bugs now found infesting soybean fields in Virginia

In Southeast Farm Press

by Ames Herbert, Virginia IPM Coordinator

The kudzu bug situation has very quickly become a real problem for Virginia soybean producers.

We are getting reports of infestations in the South Boston area and one from near Yale in Sussex County. I am quite sure that there are more infested fields. The image sent to me from the Yale field showed at least a dozen KB adults on a single plant.

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