Fast-spreading weed invades Lake Waccamaw in North Carolina

Nobody knew what it was at first, just an incredibly fast-spreading aquatic weed near the public boat ramp on Lake Waccamaw.

Rob Emens, an invasive species specialist with the state Division of Water Resources, had no such doubts.

Emens visited the boat ramp in October and immediately knew that the plant fragments he saw floating in the water could be only one thing: the dreaded hydrilla.

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Frequent rain making disease control difficult in Georgia crops

In Southeast Farm Press

By Robert C. Kemerait, UGA Cooperative Extension

Rain may be a good thing, but too much can become a problem for Georgia growers when it comes to disease control.

The torrential rains Georgia has experienced in recent weeks have created perfect conditions for fungal and bacterial diseases on peanuts, cotton, corn and soybeans.

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