Honey bees face variety of threats as numbers decline

In the Sun Journal (New Bern, NC)

North Carolina’s own Arthur Dobbs, governor of the royal colony from 1753 to 1765, landed himself in the annals of entomology by making important discoveries about honey bees and pollination from his Irish estate in 1750.

These days his buzzing little friends have fallen on hard times.

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Southern rust found in Kentucky corn

In Southeast Farm Press

by Paul Vincelli, UK Extension

Southern rust was confirmed the first week of August on corn in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

Based on photos from an industry representative, it also appears to be present in Logan County (lab confirmation pending).  The disease has been developing in southern Georgia and Mississippi throughout July, and it also has been detected recently in Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas and Illinois. I suspect that southern rust is at low levels in several locations in Kentucky, although scouting thus far suggests it is not yet widely prevalent. In other words, there is no need for “panic.” Just need watchful eyes.

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Recipe for HLB-affected Citrus: Apply Heat—Lots of It

In ARS News

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are literally turning up the heat on citrus greening as part of new technology they’ve developed to control this devastating disease that threatens the Florida citrus industry.

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