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AS&U’s Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities recognizes and honors education institutions and their partners that embrace green principles and practices in their maintenance operations. Created in conjunction with the Green Cleaning Network and Healthy Schools Campaign, individual schools, school districts, colleges and universities are invited to submit information about their green cleaning program for review by an expert panel. Awards will be presented to exemplary programs and winners will be profiled in a special section in the December issue of American School & University. Entries due September 6, 2013.

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ASPCRO Conference is online

If you can’t get to this year’s Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials conference, don’t fret. It’s now online, so you can watch it from your office.

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Mixed worm populations starting in Virginia and the Carolinas

By Ames Herbert, Virginia Extension Entomologist

In Southeast Farm Press

Mixed worm populations are reportedly increasing in both South Carolina and North Carolina peanut crops.

These populations include the corn earworm (may be some tobacco budworm also, but you cannot tell these species apart without some experience and good magnification of the mandibles/jaws), beet armyworm, and fall armyworm.

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Extension Team Develops “App” to Identify Weeds in Container Nurseries

A group of plant scientists at NC State University are trying to help ornamental plant growers get to the root of their weed problems.

With herbicide-resistant weeds on the rise, and a zero-tolerance threshold for weed pests in the nursery, Drs. Alexander Krings, Joe Neal and Bridget Lassiter have created a web “app” that helps the nursery owner identify container weeds. Upon completion, WeedIT Mobile could potentially save ornamental plant producers millions of dollars a year in preemergence herbicide and hand weeding costs. Growers currently spend about $550 per acre every year on herbicides, coupled with hand weeding costs at $2,400 to $5,500 per acre every year.

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IPM for landscaping

This month’s Ecological Landscaping Association newsletter has several IPM-centered articles that I thought were worth sharing. Although the ELA is located in Boston, MA, the IPM concepts can be adapted in other regions. Some of the articles worth reading include: