Emerald Ash Borer takes toll in Chicago

In the Chicago Sun Times

BY NEIL STEINBERG nsteinberg@suntimes.com November 2, 2013 9:40AM

A beautiful autumn purple ash tree stands on the west side of St. Louis Avenue, a few steps south of Bryn Mawr.

It is healthy, so far — a little woodpecker damage — but if you want to see the grim fate awaiting this tree and every one of the 85,000 ashes on public streets in Chicago, all you need do is look west, where a few feet away stand two ash trees ravaged by the emerald ash borer, the blight that arrived from China a dozen years ago, landing in Michigan in 2002, and has been eating its way southward since, decimating ash trees in the Midwest — 20 million trees have been killed so far in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa — and causing billions of dollars in damage.

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Deer mating season makes roads dangerous for drivers

From the New York Times.

It’s the deadliest time of the year for deer, which also pose a particular danger to motorists in autumn with the arrival of the mating and hunting seasons.

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Heavy summer rains opened door for pecan diseases in Georgia

By Clint Thompson, University of Georgia

Heavy rainfall during the summer opened the door to disease and helped to drastically lower individual size and quantity of pecans produced in Georgia this year.

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