The right habitat and food source key for beneficial insects

From Southern SARE News

Entomologists with North Carolina State University have unlocked a few secrets in the life cycle of a tiny beneficial wasp that parasitizes stinkbug eggs. The findings increase the potential for biological control of stinkbugs, reducing the need for insecticides.

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Researchers Identify Herbicide Resistant Mechanism In Waterhemp

In the Missouri Ruralist

Responding to the first known report of waterhemp showing resistance to HPPD (4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase)-inhibiting herbicides, such as Callisto, Impact, and Laudis, weed science researchers at the University of Illinois have identified two unique mechanisms in the plant that have allowed the weed to “get around” these herbicides.

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TifGuard variety will give Georgia peanut growers help in nematode battle

By Clint Thompson, University of Georgia

In Southeast Farm Press

Nematodes can have a devastating and costly effect on peanut crops.

However, a new nematode resistant peanut variety, bred by Georgia researchers, will help ease this problem by stopping the pest from reproducing.

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