UK researchers identify key component in plant disease resistance

A team of University of Kentucky researchers led by plant pathologists Aardra and Pradeep Kachroo have discovered an important component in plants’ ability to resist bacterial and viral pathogens.

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UGA mobile apps help professionals, homeowners care for lawns

Four mobile applications designed by University of Georgia specialists are putting lawncare information at your fingertips, literally.

The turfgrass apps created by UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty make turf management in Georgia readily available. Turfgrass Management, Turf Management Calculator, Turfgrass Weeds and Turf Management Quiz can all be downloaded from the UGA Turfgrass Team website at or straight to a mobile device through iTunes.

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Keeping common areas (in apartment buildings) pest-free

The common areas of high-rise developments can be a social hub. Nowhere is this more evident than in senior housing. These areas are a double-edged sword for property managers. On one side there is a sense of community spirit and evidence of sharing, on the other hand there is potential for pest introduction and spread. Education, early detection, and rapid response will help you maintain these spaces in a way that’s good for your community and bad for the pests.

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