New IPM course offered through Texas A&M

IPM specialists at Texas A&M AgriLife are offering a two-day course for colleges, universities and LEED building managers, August 6 & 7, 2014.

The purpose of this course is to train pest management technicians and college/university staff in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  All new technicians should receive IPM training and new and existing employees should be provided with continuing education emphasizing IPM.  Moreover, any person who applies pesticides for the college/university should practice IPM and be licensed as a non-commercial pesticide applicator by the state of TX. Pesticide applicators must follow state and federal regulations and apply pesticides according to the instructions on the labels. To assist college/university technicians, plus those who have LEEDs buildings and contract pesticide applicators in instituting IPM, this course includes developing a college/university IPM policy, specific IPM objectives, responsibilities of the college/university IPM Technician, and requirements for using pesticides and associated record keeping. Pest problems can be prevented by requesting that maintenance be performed, providing education for residents, conducting inspections and monitoring, what we call IPM.

Integrated Pest Management Objectives

The following objectives are for preventing or expeditiously managing pest problems:

  • Protect residents from pests by preventing or suppressing pests to non-damaging levels.
  • Reduce environmental pollution through selection and placement of appropriate least-toxic pesticides.
  • Base pest management actions on accurate identification of pests and knowledge of their biology
  • Perform thorough assessments of pest problems and determine the best IPM options.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and reduce the cost of pest management actions.
  • Educate residents about preventing pests from entering or moving within YOUR properties.
  • Maintain YOUR properties with minimal exposure of residents to pests and pesticides.

This two-day workshop will be held in College Station at the campus of Texas A&M University at the Facility Services Buildings August 6 & 7, 2014.  The first day will cover an introduction to IPM, developing an IPM plan for outdoor turf, plus common outdoor and indoor pests like fire ants, rodents and pests for shrubs and turf.  The second day will cover developing an IPM program for your institution, licensing, posting and notification as required by the TX Dept of Agriculture, plus common pests like bed bugs, cockroaches and termites.  Included in the second day will be a speaker from TX A&M who oversees the IPM program for the University system.

Instructors for this course will be:

Elizabeth “Wizzie” Brown, Extension Program Specialist – Urban IPM – Austin area
Molly Keck, Extension Program Specialist – Urban IPM – San Antonio area
Dr. Janis Reed, Extension Program Specialist – Ag & Environmental Safety
Janet Hurley, Extension Program Specialist – School IPM
Dr. Casey Reynolds, Assistant Professor, and Extension Turfgrass Specialist

Cost for the class is $100 for one day or $150 for both days.  All class participants will receive a 3-ring notebook with material to help you develop an IPM program, maintain a program, and revive a program.

Register online at

Register by phone:  979-845-2604

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