EPA Releases Best Practices Guidance and Hosts Webinars on Reducing Pesticide Use and Saving Money in Schools

To help school administrators and staff reduce pesticide use and costs, EPA has released “Model Pesticide Safety and IPM Guidance Policy.” EPA will also launch a series of webinars beginning on August 20, 2014.

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IPM Success Stories from EPA

Many school districts have already adopted an IPM program with measurable success!

Walla Walla School District. With only two groundskeepers, the Walla Walla district is successfully implementing an excellent IPM program at all 10 of its schools! The success of Walla Walla schools demonstrates that IPM practices can be implemented successfully with limited resources if staff are appropriately trained. http://www.ipminstitute.org/IPM_Star/ipmstar_profiles_wallawalla_wa.htm

Salt Lake City School District. When Salt Lake City Schools decided to implement an IPM program, they elected to use an innovative Web-based application called iPestManager for pest reporting and education. With the use of this program, the district saw pest complaints and pesticide applications decline by more than 90 percent within the first 3 years. https://aal.slcschools.org/pls/apex/f?p=118:1:1413189505891808 http://www.ipminstitute.org/IPM_Star/ipmstar_profiles_salt_lake_city.htm Continue reading