Texas A&M has online insect identification resources

Texas A&M AgriLife has several online insect identification resources for your use.

For aphids, http://aphid.aphidnet.org/, can be used to identify the 66 most polyphagous and cosmopolitan aphid species in the world.

For grasshoppers, http://itp.lucidcentral.org/id/grasshopper/adult/Media/frmsetRLGH.htm is a great tool to help identify species.

Dr. Salvadore Vitanza reports http://idtools.org/ is a wonderful resource with a wealth of information, fact sheets, photographs, and Lucent technology identification keys. He reports that these tools make identification quick and easy and was especially impressed by the “Find Best” magic wand icon. Dr. Gary Miller explains how to use the idtools.org system on this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/eLTqmsTIMag.

Wizzie Brown also shared information about a great website for teaching Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists about insect identification (Class and Order level). http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/course/ent425/library/compendium/index.html

USDA APHIS assessment attempts to reduce population of cattle fever ticks

In Southwest Farm Press

by Logan Hawkes

According to a revised and re-issued environmental assessment last week, failure to take action to reduce the population of free ranging and tick-infected Nilgai antelope near the mouth of the Lower Rio Grande River in deep South Texas would likely open the door to re-infestation of cattle fever ticks into other and adjacent parts of lower Texas. Consequences to the state’s vibrant cattle industry could be dire.

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EPA exemptions granted in Southeast for white sugarcane aphid control

In Southeast Farm Press

by Paul Hollis

Environmental Protection Agency emergency exemptions have been granted throughout the Southeast that hopefully will help sorghum producers in their battle against the white sugarcane aphid.

Mace Bauer, University of Florida/IFAS Extension agent in Columbia County, says the exemption is valid in his state until Dec. 31, 2014, and will allow for rescue treatments on late-planted sorghum. Bauer, along with entomologist Gregg Nuessly, was instrumental in spearheading the effort to obtain Section 18 Exemption in Florida. The exemption allows the use of Transform WG, a Dow AgroSciences product, for controlling the emerging insect pest.

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Early leaf spot found on peanuts in Arkansas

In Delta Farm Press

By Mary Hightower, University of Arkansas

Early leaf spot, a disease that can cut peanut yields by 50 percent has been confirmed in Arkansas, Travis Faske, Extension plant pathologist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, said on Oct 1.

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