8 facts about bed bugs

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Killing wolves leads to more dead cattle, study finds

Washington State University researchers have found that it is counter-productive to kill wolves to keep them from preying on livestock. Shooting and trapping lead to more dead sheep and cattle the following year, not fewer.

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Focus on Cotton webcast discusses whiteflies and related viruses

In Delta Farm Press

by the National Cotton Council

Whiteflies and the viruses they carry have been a large, complex, and economically significant problem for cotton growers throughout the world. Whiteflies pick up viruses from a range of host plants near cotton fields, transmit them to cotton plants, and can continue to do so throughout the rest of their lifetime. In the cases of cotton leaf curl virus and cotton leaf curl disease, this ends with all-too-common results: the curling of leaves, and/or the development of leaf-like enations on the undersides of leaves, overall stunting of the plant, and reduced yield and quality.

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Poison frogs may be used to kill fire ants

by Sandra Avant, USDA

U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists in Florida and other collaborators found that naturally occurring compounds—alkaloids—on the skin of certain poison frogs can incapacitate and kill fire ants.

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