Smartphone app for disease management available for strawberry growers

When it comes to dealing with strawberry diseases, there’s now an app for that. A Clemson fruit specialist and a computer software designer have teamed up to develop a smartphone tool to help strawberry growers. The app will be unveiled at the Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference that is Thursday-Sunday in Savannah.

MyIPM is the first smartphone app that provides critical disease information for strawberry growers.

“Growers will be able to pick effective and safe fungicides for conventional and organic production of strawberry,” said Guido Schnabel, the fruit specialist who worked with software designer Roy Pargas. “The app will in a nutshell tell you with audio, pictures and text what you need to know about a particular disease and its management. I think it is an awesome supplement to our spray guide.”

“But the app does not stop there,” Schnabel said. “In a team effort with regional experts we have also completed the peach section of the app.”

The android version is hoped to be available in Google Play by Friday and the iOS version should be in the Apple Store by the end of January.

Read the rest of the story at Southeast Farm Press.

NOTE: myIPM was made possible with funding from a Southern IPM Center IPM Enhancement Grant.

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