eOrganic webinars in February

Join eOrganic for new webinars and live conference broadcasts on organic farming and research in February! This month’s program features farmers Helen Atthowe and Carl Rosato of Woodleaf Farm on how long-term organic farms suppress pests, as well as researchers from a NIFA OREI project on using abrasive grits for weed management, or “weed blasting”. They’ll also be broadcasting a selection of live presentations from the Organicology Conference in Portland, Oregon, and the Organic Agriculture Research Symposium in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Find out more and register in advance at the links below.

Organicology 2015: Selected Live Broadcasts
Learn more here
February 6, 2015

Building Pest-Suppressive Organic Farms: Tools and Strategies Used by Five Long-Term Organic Farms
Helen Atthowe and Carl Rosato, Woodleaf Farm
February 10, 2015

Blasting the Competition Away: Air-propelled Abrasive Grits for Weed Management in Organic Grain and Vegetable Crops
Sam Wortman, University of Illinois; Frank Forcella, USDA-ARS; Sharon Clay and Daniel Humburg, University of South Dakota
February 17, 2015

Organic Agriculture Research Symposium: Selected Live Broadcasts
Learn more here
February 25 and 26, 2015


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