Catch some fish, celebrate Invasive Species Awareness Week

Some non-native fish, that is! Join EDDMapS for the first annual Nonnative Fish Catch, Click and Submit Contest. This contest is taking place in Florida.

This is not NOAA's slogan

This is not NOAA’s slogan

Anglers are encouraged to keep and eat the fish they catch (after photographing them and submitting the photos to EDDMapS. You may NOT throw them back in the water!!

Click here to learn more about the Catch, Click and Submit contest.


This contest is part of National Invasive Species Awareness Week.

February 25 and 26: Live Broadcast from the Organic Agriculture Research Symposium

Join eOrganic for selected live online broadcasts from the Organic Agriculture Research Symposium in La Crosse, Wisconsin on February 25 and 26, 2015. This online broadcast is free and open to the public, and advance registration is required. You only need to register once to attend all the presentations below: you can come and go as you wish. Because this is a live event, the broadcast program may be subject to change and exact start and end times cannot be guaranteed!

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RFAs for AFRI released

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) is pleased to announce the release of the following Requests for Applications (RFAs).  Please refer to the RFAs for letter of intent deadlines (if requested) and application deadlines.

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