Webinar on pesticide product search tool

On Thursday June 25th, 2015, at 1:00 pm. EST, the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) will host a webinar on their newest pesticide product search tool (NPRO).

Webinar description below:


Take a tour, become a PRO: NPIC has a new pesticide product search tool online (NPRO)

Target audience: State lead agencies, EPA, Extension


Take a tour of the new pesticide product search tool called ‘NPIC Pesticide Research Online’ (NPRO). Located on the NPIC website, the tool allows users to search for federally registered pesticide products by several criteria. Dynamic searching allows you to narrow the search results, and results include links to the most recent federal product label.

– Find products registered for leafhoppers on peppers

– Narrow that down to products with signal word = caution, or formulation = liquid

Designed for professionals, the system requires some knowledge of pesticide terminology, including use sites, chemical synonyms, and pest names. State registration data are not included. Distributor labels, restricted-use products and cancelled products are included. The data are updated weekly via the EPA Pesticide Product Information System (PPIS) and Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS).

Presenters: Sean Ross and Amy Hallman, Oregon State University

Here’s a link to NPIC’s last webinar, in case you don’t have it:

“Incident data from NPIC: How to request it and what can it tell us?” : https://youtu.be/jP66BfNrGSA

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