EPA Solicits Proposals for a Project to Increase Schools’ Adoption of Integrated Pest Management Using Educational Networks

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs is soliciting proposals for a cooperative agreement (“Using Educational Networks to Increase Schools’ Adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)”) to provide education, training, resources and technical assistance to increase Integrated Pest Management (IPM) implementation in kindergarten to 12th grade public and tribal schools nationwide.

The grantee will conduct a national program, using its existing organizational structure and established relationships with school districts throughout the United States, to further IPM adoption by schools. OPP intends that the recipient of the award will:

  • Collaborate with entities through existing educational networks to promote the benefits of IPM to public and tribal school districts and offer them educational information, training and technical support to increase their adoption of IPM; and
  • Utilize established educational service networks to increase the demand for school IPM across multiple geographic areas.

The agency expects to fund this two-year cooperative agreement for up to $250,000.

EPA must receive proposals through Grants.gov no later than midnight Eastern Time on August 10, 2015. Additional information on this solicitation is available on Grants.gov under Funding Opportunity Announcement EPA-OPP-2015-006.

If you have questions, please contact Cara Finn at finn.cara@epa.gov.

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