New technology may make people less attractive to mosquitoes

In Smithsonian Magazine

by Karen Emslie

Evening picnics in a park, sunset beers by a lake and warm nights with the windows open are just some of the delights of midsummer. But as dusk falls, one of the most infuriating creatures on the planet stirs: the mosquito. Outdoor activities are abandoned in an ankle-scratching frenzy and sleep is disturbed as we haplessly swat at the whining source of our torment.

Of course, all these discomforts are nothing compared to the damage mosquitoes do as transmitters of diseases such as malaria, dengue or yellow fever. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito-borne yellow fever alone causes more than 30,000 deaths annually.

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Emerald ash borer in north Louisiana

in Delta Farm Press

Efforts are underway in north Louisiana to slow the spread of an invasive species that threatens to destroy native ash trees. The trees play an important part in bottomland ecosystems and also have an economic value to the timber industry.

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