Grants from the Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service is requesting proposals for FY2016 in the following four special program areas administered by Forest Health Protection (FHP) within State and Private Forestry:

  1. Forest Health Monitoring Program, Evaluation Monitoring (EM) – A component of the Forest Health Monitoring program designed to determine the extent, severity, and causes of undesirable changes in forest health.
  2. Special Technology Development Program (STDP) – A program to apply research results by developing cutting edge technologies and field operation methods that improve the ability of field specialists to restore and protect America’s forests.
  3. Forest Service Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (FSPIAP) – A program to evaluate the benefits and impacts of pesticide use in forest environments.
  4. Biological Control of Invasive Plants (BCIP) – A program to develop technologies that address the spread and impacts of invasive plants.

Project proposals (except BCIP) must be submitted through Region and Area Directors and are due to the National Headquarters by November 6, 20115. Project proposals for BCIP should be submitted directly to the BCIP Program Manager by November 6, 2015. Please follow detailed directions listed at the following website:

  • EM – Contact: Anne Hoover, FHP Deputy Director (703) 605-5332,
  • STDP – Contact: Iral Ragenovich, Acting Program Manager for STDP, (503) 808-2915,
  • FSPIAP – Contact: Bruce Moltzan, National Program Manager for FSPIAP, (703) 605-5336,
  • BCIP – Contact: Richard Reardon, Biological Control National Program Manager, (304) 285-1566,

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