Pest control professionals in San Angelo notice increase in bed bugs

In San Angelo Live!

by Brandy Ramirez

Since the 1950s, experts considered bed bugs an eradicated nuisance. They were the topics people born before that time talked about in disgusted remembrance, especially if they grew up in low-income housing. For the people after that time, however, bed bugs were simply words parents used when tucking their kids in at night. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” were words people said with love.

In 2010, however, after the reemergence of bed bugs into the public limelight during a massive outbreak in New York City, that phrase took on a whole new meaning. Since that time, cities and towns in all 50 states across the nation have faced, or are facing, bed bug outbreaks.  

“Nearly all (99.6 percent) pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year, unchanged from 2013, but higher compared to five, 10, and 15 years ago,” stated experts with Pest, a National Pest Management Association agency.

Two local pest control experts, Benny Salinas with Bug Experts Pest Control and Rex Davis with Rex Pest Control, confirmed this statement. They said San Angelo is facing a major increase in bed bug infestations.

The Increasing Problem

Salinas said 15 days into the new year, he has treated three homes for bed bugs, and that doesn’t include all the calls he’s actually received. He said he’s received about 10 calls.

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