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    January 2016
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Upcoming eOrganic Webinars

Some of these webinars concern topics other than pest management.

Join eOrganic for many new webinars as well as next week’s live broadcast from the Organic Seed Growers Conference. We’ve made some exciting additions to our program, such as a presentation by bakers on using local organic grains, updates on a pastured poultry research project from Michael Lilburn at Ohio State, and a webinar on cultivating resilience on organic farms by Laura Lengnick. We’re also hosting two webinars on food safety practices on organic farms by Chris Blanchard of Purple Pitchfork and Erin Silva of the University of Wisconsin.

All the webinars require advance registration, so use the links below to register and find more information and details about the times.

Organic Seed Growers Conference Live Broadcast of Selected Presentations
various presenters
February 5 and 6 2016

Wild Bee Monitoring, Education, and Outreach in Organic Farming Systems
Elias Bloom, Washington State University; Rosy Smit, Camp Korey, Rachel Olsson, Washington State University
Feb 10, 2016

Grazing Systems and Forage Quality of Grasses for Organic Dairy Production
Brad Heins, University of Minnesota
February 11, 2016

A Novel Nutritional Approach to Rearing Organic Pastured Broiler Chickens (Part 2)
Michael Lilburn, Larry Phelan, The Ohio State University
February 16, 2016

Growing Vegetables and Fruit without Irrigation in Northern California and the Maritime Pacific Northwest
Amy Garrett, Oregon State University; Jacques Neukom, Neukom Farm; Steve Peters, Seed Revolution Now and Organic Seed Alliance
February 19, 2016 (Note: 4PM Eastern Time)

New Times: New Tools: Cultivating Resilience on Your Organic Farm
Laura Lengnick, Cultivating Resilience LLC
February 23, 2016

Design and Management of Organic Strawberry/Vegetable Rotations
Carol Shennan, Joji Muramoto, University of California Santa Cruz
March 2, 2016

Working With Local Organic Grains
Stefan Senders, Wide Awake Bakery; Peter Endriss, Runner & Stone Bakery and Restaurant; Dan Avery, Dakota Earth Bakery; Steve Gonzalez, Sfoglini Pasta Shop
March 8, 2016

Good Sense Food Safety Practices on Organic Vegetable Farms
Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork
March 16, 2016

Unique Fly Control Methods for Organic Dairy Production
Roger Moon and Brad Heins, University of Minnesota
March 24, 2016

Impacts of the Food Safety Modernization Act on Diversified Organic Vegetable Farms
Erin Silva, University of Wisconsin
March 29, 2016

Evaluating Sprouted Grains on Grazing Dairy Farms
Kathy Soder, USDA ARS
April 7, 2016

Find all upcoming and archived eOrganic webinars at http://articles.extension.org/pages/25242

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