Office Manager, IPM Institute

Full-time (30 hours) office manager position available with an independent non-profit organization working to improve sustainability in agriculture and communities through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other best practices.

Primary duties:

  1. Manage Office Financials
    1. Supervise administrative assistant to track office financials:
  • Balance checking, credit and savings accounts; make transfers and deposits
  • Maintain QuickBooks database and record-keeping
  • Receive and pay bills
  • Maintain current and organized financial filing system
  • Prepare, track and mail invoices
  • Ensure adequate cash flow for monthly operations
  • Coordinate AP/AR with project collaborators
  • Maintain protocol to track endowment funds
  • Prepare/update annual indirect rate proposals for federal funding
    1. Prepare monthly financial reports to project coordinators
    2. Prepare annual financial reports, including to accountant for completion of tax return and annual updating of LLR
    3. Oversee completion of annual financial audits/reviews
    4. Prepare financial projections, manage planning to achieve net positive EOY revenue
  1. Manage Vendor Relations
    1. Supervise administrative assistant on vendor-related duties
  • Communications with Landlord
  • Manage websites’ status and renewals, including domains, website hosting and security certificates
  • Track office supplies and equipment for grants, including federal requirements for documentation
    1. Maintain vendor tracking system in QuickBooks including completion of W-9’s
    2. Prepare and mail 1099’s
    3. Prepare notifications to vendors re back-up withholding
  1. Manage Grant Administration
    1. Work with project coordinators to draft, implement and over see RFP guidelines for grant subcontracts
    2. Coordinate with project collaborators to draft and finalize subcontracts
    3. Jointly, with staff and Co-Director, develop and track program budgets
    4. Track project reporting requirements
    5. Work with funders to finalize contract amendments including extensions, subcontracts and budget revisions
    6. Prepare regular financial reporting to funders
    7. Prepare and maintain records for potential funding audits
    8. Maintain and update government ID accounts, including annual business tax and grant application requirements
  2. Assist Director with HR Duties
    1. Maintain benefits including worker’s compensation, health insurance and retirement plan
    2. Manage bi-monthly payroll processing and quarterly reporting
    3. Maintain confidentiality of employee files
    4. Oversee implementation of office policies and procedures
    5. Address staff concerns as they arise, including monthly meeting with project leads to address professional development opportunities and general office culture
    6. Supervise and train administrative assistant on additional HR duties
  • Maintain organization documents including employee handbook and office manual
  • Assist with new employee orientation, payroll setup and enrollment in healthcare and retirement plans
  • Coordinate staff activities to ensure communications and efficiency
  • Draft and finalize new office policies and procedures
  1. Board Communications
    1. Oversee development and maintenance of sound financial practices, including annual review of financial management policies
    2. Coordinate conference calls with BOD and prepare meeting minutes
    3. Develop and maintain BOD policies and procedures
    4. Track current, pending and potential funding opportunities
    5. Assist Director in preparing project updates for BOD, including financials
    6. Work with BOD to formalize new company policies and procedures

Ongoing responsibilities:

  1. Respond to requests from president and staff to support Institute projects including ongoing development of our capacity to meet the needs of food industry partners for sustainability programs.
  2. Respond to inquiries professionally and in a timely manner.
  3. Follow writing style guide and office manual procedures.
  4. Maintain productive relationships with staff, collaborators, clients and funders.
  5. Meet requirements for confidentiality and non-disclosure.
  6. Maintain a neat and clean workspace. Participate in trash/recycling removal rotation.
  7. Provide courteous and professional backup telephone reception when primary receptionist is not available.
  8. Participate in self-performance reviews including updating position description, setting short and long-term project and professional development objectives, identifying strengths and opportunities, and evaluating performance against objectives.

Ideal candidate will have ability to work independently. Excellent verbal and written communications and proficiency with Microsoft Office programs and QuickBooks required. The office manager will report to the project director.

Flexible schedule in a casual office, 30 hours per week, pay commensurate with experience. Benefits available include health insurance, dental, SIMPLE IRA plan and paid time off. Office is located in downtown Madison, on bus routes.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter detailing your qualifications for the position to the address below or to Applications will be held in confidence. The position will remain open until filled.

1020 Regent St., Madison WI 53715 608 232-1410, Fax 608 232-1440,

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