Pests and Climate Converge on a National Stage

It is not uncommon for pests and climate to be cast in a negative light. Weather forecasters are questioned when they’re wrong. Climate scientists are critiqued for their models. Pests are rarely regarded as important until there are losses or an outbreak. The Northeastern IPM Center and its partners aim to change this by bringing the two disciplines together for the first time in the National Forum on Climate and Pests, to be held in Washington DC at the National Academies.

Invited experts will speak about the latest research in front of a live Internet audience in an effort to highlight the impacts that climate change is having on pests and what can be done about it. Questions will be discussed like, “What can studies on climate tells us?” and “How are pests responding?” or “What will this mean for agriculture, forestry, and the average homeowner?” — along with many others. By gathering individuals to identify commonalities and gaps in knowledge, strategic planning to address the issue can be initiated.

We hope that all who are able will participate in this important forum later this fall. By engaging, dialogue can happen and possible solutions can be found. To learn more, check the website:

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