Research Assistant – PestLens

The individual in this position will engage in research in support of USDA/APHIS/PPQ and Center for IPM cooperative activities (PestLens) related to the collection and analysis of exotic plant pathogen data with application to early warning systems for plant health. The successful applicant will conduct literature searches, design and conduct advanced internet searches, analyze information about invasive plant pests, and enter information into database systems. This position will focus on producing reports for an early warning system designed to help protect U.S. agriculture from exotic plant pests. Additional opportunities in the areas of pest risk analysis, international trade regulation, and invasive species management may be available. The individual will be required to work closely with others in a team environment.

The National Science Foundation Center for Integrated Pest Management (NSFCIPM) was established in 1991 to serve a lead role in technology development, program implementation, training, and public awareness for IPM at the state, regional, and national level. NSFCIPM fosters the development and implementation of pest management programs. NSF CIPM is an Industry / University Cooperative Research Center, which works to support and further Integrated Pest Management through the evaluation of emerging technologies, information management and dissemination, environmental stewardship, estimation of economic consequences, resistance management tools and systems, and integration of disciplinary expertise. The Center manages grants programs for the USDA, develops regional and national priorities through workshops and stakeholder meetings, and develops and maintains large databases and database applications for USDA, EPA, and Ministries of Agriculture in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

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