District Gardener job open in Raleigh, NC

Duties and Responsibilities

As a co-manager of a large public garden and numerous other public parks you have a passion for horticulture, and how parks can contribute exceptional experiences to the lives of the people of Raleigh. You have an eye for detail, a flair for design, and dirty hands. You have a positive attitude, extensive knowledge and skill, and a solid, uncompromising work ethic. You are an innovative problem solver.

This is a working position. You enjoy working hard and leading by example. You gladly share your knowledge with your team and collaborate with others to achieve excellent results.

You are an expert horticulturalist. You are knowledgeable of all types of plants and plant care, including, ornamentals, trees, and turf. You can identify plants, specify planting designs, and trouble-shoot problems in the field. You understand good horticultural practices including, proper pruning, soil preparation, planting, pest management, pesticide applications, soil testing, and fertilization.

You manage non-ornamental horticultural landscapes as well, such as, natural areas, wetland gardens, wildflower meadows, and green roofs. Your skill set also includes, invasive species management, plant identification, public communication, and civic engagement. You advise garden clubs, civic groups, and individual citizens on gardening subjects. And you regularly work with volunteers to accomplish large projects.

You are competent in all aspects of equipment operation, including commercial trucks, tractors, and zero-turn mowers. You also safely operate small equipment such as, chainsaws, string trimmers, and blowers. Not only can you operate these, but you are able to repair them in the field, make modifications, and specify new equipment as needed.

As needed, you assist the City in cleanup and repair during inclement weather situations.

Read the rest of the job description.


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