Regional Forest Pathologist

OUTREACH NOTICE – REPLY by June 17, 2016

USDA Forest Service

Pacific Northwest Region

Forest Health Protection

State & Private Forestry

Regional Forest Pathologist, GS-0434-12/13

R6 Regional Office, Portland, Oregon

POSITION: The USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region will soon be advertising the above position located in Portland, Oregon.            

DUTIES: This position is located in Forest Health Protection (FHP), State & Private Forestry and serves as the regional forest pathologist in the Regional Office. Most of the work is in the regional office assisting in, and providing forest pathology input into regional programs and coordinating FHP regional-level programs. There is some work to assist in field and workshop activities with the pathologists, entomologists, and ecologists in the FHP Service Centers. The position coordinates with other staffs in the regional office, as well as regional or state-level staff of other federal and state agencies.

The incumbent coordinates the activities of five FHP Service Centers (Wenatchee, Sandy, La Grande, Bend, and Central Point) concerning the detection, training, management, monitoring, and evaluation of forest diseases, especially regarding special projects in disease biology and management. The regional pathologist periodically serves on selection panels for Oregon/Washington (Region 6 – R6)-FHP pathology positions. The regional pathologist also provides some related coordination and assistance to Alaska (Region 10).

The incumbent has lead FHP responsibility for the roadside and work site danger-tree program and the developed-site hazard-tree program. The position coordinates and develops these programs, policies, and associated qualification workshops with the FHP Service-Center pathologists and entomologists, the leader of the R6 roads-management program, the R6 regional logging specialist, and the R6 regional developed-site specialist. The incumbent leads and coordinates the annual hazard/danger-tree program-review meeting among Federal and State pathologists, entomologists, and other forest-resource specialists. The incumbent leads and coordinates the writing, printing, and distributing of future guidebook revisions for hazard and danger-tree identification and mitigation.

The incumbent is the Program Manager for the invasive forest-pathogen program which includes providing updates on invasive pathogens, responding to new and potential disease introductions, providing information to, and reviews of, environmental documents involving invasive pathogens, and designing and coordinating region-wide surveys, technology development and other projects involving invasive pathogens. Work with invasive pathogens requires a close coordination and relationship with the state APHIS offices. The incumbent leads and coordinates the annual sudden oak death-Portland meeting among Federal, State, Private, and University pathologists, silviculturists, and other forest-health specialists.

The incumbent coordinates and works closely with the regional entomologist, the invasive-species entomologist, the Forest Health Monitoring coordinator, and the Service Center professionals on both invasive and native forest diseases and identifies opportunities for regional and landscape-level analysis involving forest insects and diseases. The incumbent participates in training and technical assistance activities, as needed.

This is a permanent full-time position. Although a professional level pathologist position, this position could be developmental and filled at a journeyman level, with a grade increase, as appropriate, without further competition. This position may be eligible for telework and other flexible work arrangements, but it is not a virtual position.  Some travel and field work is required.

LOCATION:    the position duty station: Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is affectionately called the City of Roses. The Portland metropolitan area, including Vancouver, Washington, has a total population of approximately 1.5 million people. It offers the amenities of a large city and yet is often described as having the feel of a small town grown big. Portland is a thriving, full-service city with excellent housing, medical facilities, professional sport activities, educational institutions and shopping. Portland is known for its restaurants, coffee shops, and cultural activities. And when you want to get away to the great outdoors, you are close to mountains, desert and ocean. The weather is mild, with one or two snowy periods a year, and there’s the rain for which Portland is famous (but only 40 inches annually); also pleasant sunny days, and some hot summer days with low humidity. There are wide ranges of housing alternatives, from downtown apartments, to condominiums, to single family homes. One can choose to live in settings that range from highly urbanized to rural. The high cost of living is offset by locality pay.


Those who are interested in this opportunity must meet the qualification requirements for the GS-0434-12/13.   Qualifications are covered in the OPM Qualification Standards Handbook. These standards are available on the Internet at:


If you are interested in this position, return the attached outreach reply form to Karl Dalla Rosa by e-mail by June 17, 2016.   For more information about the position, contact Debbie Hollen, Director for State & Private Forestry at 503-808-2340, or Karl Dalla Rosa, Assistant Director of State & Private Forestry, at 503-808-2913.

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this Outreach Notice is to determine the potential applicant pool for this position and to establish the appropriate recruitment method and area of consideration for the advertisement (e.g., target grade or multi-grade and service-wide, region-wide, government-wide, or DEMO). Responses received from this outreach notice will be relied upon to make this determination.


USDA Forest Service

Pacific Northwest Region

Forest Health Protection

State & Private Forestry

Regional Forest Pathologist, GS-0434-12/13

R6 Regional Office, Portland, Oregon

If you are interested in this Permanent position and want to receive a copy of the Vacancy Announcement, please complete this form by June 17, 2016 and send to Karl Dalla Rosa by email or mail. Details are listed below:

Email:       Phone:            503-808-2913

Mail:   USDA Forest Service, Attn: Karl Dalla Rosa

1220 SW Third Ave.

Portland, OR 97208-3623

NAME: _____________________           ______________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER:                                                  ___                                       ____________________________

CURRENT EMPLOYER:   USFS____ BLM____ OTHER (SPECIFY)________________________________

CURRENT POSITION TITLE: _________________________________________________________________

TYPE OF CURRENT GOVERNMENT APPOINTMENT: PERMANENT______   TEMPORARY____TERM______                                                                                             OTHER_____   N/A ________

CURRENT AGENCY/REGION/FOREST/DISTRICT:_________________________________________________

CURRENT SERIES AND GRADE: _____________________________

If not a current permanent (career or career conditional) employee, are you eligible to be hired under any of the following special authorities?





___ OTHER_________________________________

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