What to do if you find a bat in your house

A recent report on National Public Radio underscores the importance of seeking medical attention if you find a bat in your house, particularly in the room with you.

Last August, an elderly woman in Wyoming woke to find a bat on her neck. She and her husband searched for a bite, and finding none, decided not to seek medical attention. Over a month later, she died of rabies. Continue reading

Two new online resources provide a wealth of information on managing pests in schools

Three years ago, the principal at John McDonogh High School in New Orleans knew he needed help with multiple pest problems at the school but wasn’t sure where to start. Now two websites exist that provide any school personnel with materials on how to use integrated pest management to handle a pest problem.

In 2014, Dawn Gouge at the University of Arizona and Janet Hurley at Texas A&M AgriLife received two separate grants from the Environmental Protection Agency to provide online resources on integrated pest management for school personnel. Gouge used her grant to focus on education and training for personnel, while Hurley planned a one-stop online “big box store” of IPM resources, including documents, training, pest ID pamphlets, state legislation and more. Continue reading