APHIS Changes Requirements for Movement of Soil from Phytophthora ramorum Quarantined Areas for Analysis

Effective immediately, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is revising the conditions for the interstate movement of regulated soil from Phytophthora ramorum quarantined areas when the soil is moving to an APHIS-approved soil laboratory for physical or chemical analysis. This action removes the certification requirement and authorizes movement under a compliance agreement. The movement of bulk soil for other purposes (e.g., disposal, landscaping, use in potting media) is not included in this action and will continue to require certificates per the Code of Federal Regulations (7 CFR 301.92). This action does not include soil to be moved for the isolation of plant pests, which is regulated in accordance with 7 CFR, Part 330.

The movement of soil from a P. ramorum quarantined area is regulated in 7 CFR 301.92. Currently, soil from a quarantined area must either have certification of heat treatment or freedom from all duff and freedom from prior direct physical contact with any article infected with P. ramorum. The attached federal order authorizes the movement of soil from P. ramorum quarantined areas for physical or chemical analysis, provided the soil is a sample moving under a compliance agreement to a laboratory that is approved by the APHIS Administrator. APHIS has determined that a compliance agreement provides improved safeguarding and oversight to allow for this type of movement. The compliance agreement will also mandate the conditions for disposal of the soil: specifically, that it be made nonviable by means of an APHIS-approved treatment at the completion of the analysis.

Details on APHIS-designated P. ramorum regulatory requirements, areas, and conditions to move regulated articles are in 7 CFR 301.92 and are also available at:


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