Clemson University scientists think outside the box for organic peach growers

In Growing Produce

With some bags and a bit of elbow grease, sustainable and organic peach production may soon be a reality in the Southeast.

Currently, California, Oregon, and Washington account for most of the organic peach market in the U.S. Peaches in South Carolina are a $64 million industry, with the state being second only to California in national peach production.

Guido Schnabel bags peaches. Photo Credit: Juan Melgar

Guido Schnabel bags peaches. Photo Credit: Juan Melgar

Consumer demand for high-quality fruit with no pesticide residue is on the rise, but the hot, humid conditions, in addition to the lack of disease-resistant cultivars, make peach production in the Southeast challenging, and organic peach production almost impossible. In fact, only one grower in South Carolina grows organic peaches.

Read the rest of the story in Growing Produce.

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  1. I read the article on bagged peaches on the June 2016 issue of the American Fruit Grower magazine, which I found very interesting. Question: Would you please provide with a couple of suppliers for these individual bags? Your reply to this inquiry will be truly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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