New survey for growers of fruit trees in Mid-Atlantic area

If you are a consultant or Extension professional who works with growers of fruit trees in the mid-Atlantic area, please read the text below. It concerns a survey being done by the iPiPE team to get a better idea of grower practices so that the team can create tools to assist growers with pest management decisions. The survey is NOT being used for regulatory purposes. The survey asks questions about the grower’s pest management practices.

A new set of tools is currently being developed to help growers manage crop pests and increase their profitability. The Integrated Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (iPiPE) is a national Web-based IT platform that combines user-contributed pest observations and translates them to real-time pest distribution maps and forecasts of pest risk. Throughout the season iPiPE informs growers about the pests and diseases in their vicinity and provides management recommendations from professionals to help them make decisions about protecting their crop. The project is funded by a USDA Food Security Program grant and involves 28 crops around the nation.

Participation in this survey will help shape the development of these tools to best support growers’ pest management efforts. In addition, the results of the survey will help Extension professionals get a better picture of tree fruits pest management actual practices in the Mid-Atlantic states.

This is the first of two similar surveys that will be used to determine iPiPE’s impact on the pest management practices used by Mid-Atlantic Tree Fruit growers. The second one will take place in 2019. Survey results will be compiled by the Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services at NC State University. All answers are completely confidential and will be grouped for analysis purposes. If you have questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Jean-Jacques Dubois, at

Click here to go to the survey.

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