Pest Risk Analyst Intern – NCSU

The Center for Integrated Pest Management at North Carolina State University is seeking a temporary Pest Risk Analyst Intern.

The primary responsibility of this position will be to research, write, and present reports on various arthropods and plant pathogens, which will be used to develop a model for prioritizing exotic plant pests. The person in this position will work closely with a team of pest risk analysts at the USDA’s Center for Plant Health Science and Technology. The work will involve performing literature searches, reviewing and interpreting highly technical scientific information and government reports, corresponding with subject matter experts, and analyzing information to produce written reports that will then be presented to a team of analysts.

Skills and qualifications include meticulous work habits, attention to detail, excellent reading comprehension and analytical skills, and demonstrated ability to work independently. The ability to communicate well in English (both orally and in writing) is required for this position.

The ideal candidate will have completed at least 1 year of graduate work in plant pathology, entomology or a related field.

Computer competence is required. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite products and be comfortable using various scientific and agriculture-related citation indexes and databases (e.g. Agicola, Web of Science, Scirus). Experience with reference management software (e.g. EndNote) is a plus.

Experience necessary includes 1 semester (6 credit hours) of graduate coursework in plant pathology, entomology, or a related field.

Click here for the job opportunity page.

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