Boll weevil eradication still working in Mississippi

In Delta Farm Press

It was, said Farrell Boyd, “the same good news I’ve brought you the past seven years — no boll weevils in Mississippi. Not a single one. I’m pleased as I can be that we’re now in our eighth year of a totally boll weevil-free Mississippi.”

Boyd, who’s manager of the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corporation passed on the news to producers and industry leaders at the organization’s annual joint meeting with the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Cotton Policy Committee.

“I feel relatively confident that we’re in excellent position to make it through another cotton season without finding a weevil or a damaged square. But we’re continuing our surveillance and trapping program, as we have in the past. We have traps within a half-mile of every cotton field in the state. If we should catch a weevil, we would immediately go in and take action to correct the situation.”

Read the rest of the story in Delta Farm Press.

One Response

  1. 10/12/17
    My family and I just relocated from Alabama and now live in Purvis, MS. I think I may have stepped on what may be a boll weevil in our kitchen last night. I took a picture of it. Do you know of someone I can send the picture to to verify?

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