Tennessee field day on no-till reports research results

The 29th Milan No-Till Field Day tour, sponsored by the University of Tennessee, summarizes outcomes from a year of research in a report available on the web. You can find the report here. Below is the table of contents from the report:

Tour A: No-Till Corn Production

Adding Value through Practical Farm Research

Frontline Tactics to Manage Corn Diseases

Do You Need a Protectant Insecticide on Your Stored Corn?

Marketing Corn Based on Growth Stages

Tour B: Soybean Variety Selection

Soybean Improvement for the Mid-South

Impact of Charcoal Rot and Frogeye on Soybean Yield

Breeding Soybeans for Economically Important Diseases in West Tennessee

Tour C: No-Till Soybean Production

Pursuing High Yield Soybeans

Yield Robbing Diseases in Soybean

Managing Soybean Irrigation

Integrating Cover Crops into Soybean Weed Management

Tour D: No-Till Cotton Production in Tennessee

Varieties and Nutrient Management

Cotton Weed Control

Insect Control: New Technologies

Irrigation Management

Tour E: Beef—Integrating Crop and Cattle Production

Cattle Production Dynamics in Predominantly Row Crop Areas

Feeding Row Crop Commodities in Cow-Calf and Stocker Production

Beef Confinement Considerations

Livestock Protection/Black Vulture Depredation Permit

Tour F: Herbicide Trait Technology

Tour G: Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management

Nitrogen Fertilizer Enhancement Products

Profitable UT P and K Fertilizer Recommendations Verified

Secondary and Micronutrient Needs in Tennessee

Tour H: Precision Agriculture

Making Yield Data Turn a Profit for You

Increasing Planting Capacity: Wider or Faster Planters

Getting Started Using Unmanned Aerial Systems

Field Demonstration of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Tour I: Soil Management

Cover Crop Mixtures and Crop Yield

Cover Crop Economics

Impact of Cover Crop Adoption of Nutrient Losses from Row Crop Agriculture in the Obion and Red River Watersheds

The Tennessee Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.

Tour J: Wheat Production

Wheat Varieties and General Management Practices

Insect Control in Wheat

Wheat Disease Control

Tour K: Crop Variety Demo

Tour L: Your Farmland Legacy

Your Farmland Legacy

Farmland Forever and Income Tax Deductions through a Land Trust

Tour M: Opportunities to Protect and Promote Pollinators in Agricultural Landscapes

Factors Affecting Pollinator Health

Pollinator Species for Bobwhites, Bees, and Butterflies

Establishment and Maintenance of Pollinator Stands

Tour N: Natural Resources

The Perils of High-Grading Your Woodland

Best Practices When Selling Timber

Don’t Cut Yourself Out of Business

Floating Island: How to Use Your Pond for Small Scale Enterprising

Developing a Crop Budget for Hardwood Timber is Challenging

Tour O: Farmers vs. Hunger

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