Graduate students receive grants to study sustainable ways to manage pests and support beneficials

The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (Southern SARE) Administrative Council recently funded 13 projects totaling $128,290. The Graduate Student Grants program is one of the few sustainable agriculture research funding opportunities open to Master’s and PhD students enrolled at accredited institutions throughout the Southern region.

The following are projects dealing specifically with pest management:

GS16-153 Living Soil for a Sustainable Future: Assessing the effects of cover crops and tillage on the soil microbial community and health, $10,995, Virginia Tech, Samantha Taggart,

GS16-154 Kairomone-based Control of Sesiid Borers in Peach Orchards, $2,066, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Matt Hetherington,

GS16-155 Sustainable Management of Soil-borne Diseases in Nursery Production, $11,000, Tennessee State University, Prabha Liyanapathiranage,

GS16-156 Integrating Pest and Pollinator Management in Southern Berry Production, $10,921, North Carolina State University, Jeremy Slone,

GS16-159 Evaluation of Pest and Disease Resistance in Winter Squash Varieties Under Organic Management in the Southeast, $10,944, University of Georgia, Zachary Matteen,

GS16-160 Agroecological Methods to Manage Brassica Pests on Organic Farms, $11,000, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Madeline Marshall,

GS16-161 Examining the Role of Bats in Pest Management in Agroecosystems of South Texas, $10,223, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Katharine Jones,

GS16-162 Designing and Evaluating Complex Cover Crop Mixtures, $10,994, Virginia Tech, Bethany Wolters,

GS16-163 Evaluating Conservation Biological Control Options for Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), $10,849, University of Georgia, Seth Whitehouse,

Go to their website for the complete list of projects.

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