Positions Available at NIFA-Biological Science Specialists

The following announcement for the Biological Science Specialist, GS-0401-09/11 located in Washington DC has been posted to USAJOBS. The announcement is scheduled to open Wednesday, August 10, 2016  and close Wednesday, August 24, 2016. You can view the announcement utilizing the link below. 


All federal jobs are listed on the USAJOBS website https://www.usajobs.gov/ and you must apply using this site. You can search the site for specific jobs and request notification when a particular type of job is posted. Job titles and application protocols are very different from those at universities and the private sector. The Washington Post: https://jobs.washingtonpost.com/article/cracking-the-job-code-landing-a-career-in-the-u-s-government/ provides helpful hints to applicants unfamiliar with federal hiring.

Jobs at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) http://nifa.usda.gov/ are listed on our website: http://nifa.usda.gov/career-opportunities but not everything is posted right away and most positions are only open for a week, so don’t depend on these listings for current jobs.

Here are a few search tips for a job as a Program Specialist at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). In USAJOBS this position is listed as a Biological Science Specialist:

Biological Science (Program) Specialist positions are usually filled by candidates with an earned M.S. in a specific area of science, but students with a B.S. and relevant experience can be considered. Specialists are recruited at grade (GS) levels from GS-9 (typically a new M.S. or experienced B.S. candidate) to GS-11 (higher degree and/or more experience). Promotion potential is GS-12. Specialist salaries for Washington DC range from $53,435 (start GS-9) to $84,044 (max GS-11). For GS-12, the maximum salary is $100,736. These are full-time permanent positions and offer very competitive health care, retirement, telework, flexible scheduling, training and professional development. NIFA jobs are all located in Washington, DC. Moving expenses may be covered. Link to the current opening at: NIFA-S16N-0045.

These are some of the things Specialists do: Specialists work with National Program Leaders (NPLs) to administer grant programs. They also work with NPLs in writing the Requests for Proposals (RFA/RFP) for their programs, assembling, screening and running the review panels, processing awards and post-award management. Specialists are expected to stay current with their field and help assess and document the impact of awards in their portfolio. Often they are asked to search NIFA databases for specific information about our awards. They undertake many other projects to help NIFA programs run smoothly and are integral to effective Agency functioning.

NIFA is recruiting for 2-3 Specialists in Plant Science. We are particularly interested in applicants with knowledge of plant concepts, principles, theories and growing practices. Fields of specialization can include plant reproduction, physiology, genetics, metabolism, food systems, crop production and sustainability. Skills in databases, evaluation and assessment are also valuable. NIFA-S16N-0045 is the link for these positions. You can also search on the Federal Jobs website: https://www.usajobs.gov/ for Biological Science Specialist or NIFA. Interested candidates are encouraged to go to the USAJOBS site immediately, set up an account and upload a resume and official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate degree coursework and a cover letter tailored to the job announcement. These positions close August 24. Contact Shing Kwok (skwok@nifa.usda.gov) for more information.

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