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Entomologist position with US Forest Service

This is a notice about an entomologist position with the US Forest Service, State and Private Forestry located at the St. Paul Field Office.  The position will be advertised soon on USAJOBS.  The vacancy announcement will be a Pathways Recent Graduate (to be eligible for this position, candidates must have graduated within the last 2 years).  The following link provides more information on the Pathways Recent Graduate Program (especially see the bullet titled “recent graduate program”).


The ideal candidate will hold an advanced degree in entomology (preferably with an emphasis in forest entomology) and have an undergraduate degree or experience in forestry or a closely related field.    The following link provides the basic requirements to qualify for the various grade levels in the professional and scientific series.  Note – if you have an issue with the link, copying and pasting the link into a browser has been working (especially see the heading titled “Professional and Scientific Positions”).


I have attached a copy of the original outreach notice to provide additional background on this position.  If you did not apply to the original outreach notice, you will still be able to apply for this position when the vacancy is advertised on USAJOBS.  However, you will be responsible for finding out when the position is advertised.  Please be aware, the announcement time will be open on USAJOBS for a very short period of time; likely only 5 days.  This includes Saturdays and Sundays.  Therefore, candidates should begin to prepare the application materials immediately.

You will need to attach your transcripts so you should obtain those, if you don’t already have them.  USAJOBS allows you to prepare and attach information that isn’t tied to a specific job.  Therefore, I recommend that you take some time to do this so you are familiar with the process and identify any difficulties before the job is officially announced.  Also, don’t wait until the last minute to apply.   It may be impossible to get assistance if you have a problem submitting an application outside of business hours.

Many individuals make the mistake of not providing a detailed resume or CV.   The Human Resource specialist that reviews your application needs enough information to document your level of experience and expertise to perform this job.  You should include the education and job experience that demonstrates how you qualify for the specific position requirements.  For example, if you indicate you have done insect surveys your documentation shouldn’t just say “I have done insect surveys”.  The documentation should be more specific on what type of insect surveys you conducted.  Also, did you take some specialized training in conducting insect surveys?  Did you plan them, implement them, supervise staff, analyze results, and make recommendations based on these surveys?  You need to be specific and document the level of classwork, field work, and hands-on experience you have attained.  Do this throughout your entire application.

Questions? Contact Michael Connor at 651-649-5180 or mconnor@fs.fed.us .

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