Opening for Associate Management Analyst B: Integrated Pest Management in county of Santa Clara

The Office of the County Executive for the County of Santa Clara, California, has an opening for an Associate Management Analyst B.

The Associate Management Analyst B will help in the following functions:

Core function support: Help strengthen core program functions such as explore grants and collaborative opportunities with other agencies, provide training to county departmental staff, assist in conducting field surveys, conduct project specific and ongoing IPM research, conduct demonstrations and trials, conduct outreach to users and public for successful adoption of these practices, conduct field verification of projects, and communicate and work effectively with operating departments on adoption of practices, pesticide use exemptions and pesticide use reporting.

Software development and implementation: Provide administrative and technical support in developing and managing IPM software (electronic data base), software system configuration, development and training support to all user departments and IPM service contractors, assist and coordinate with user departments in trouble shooting IPM software issues with contractor and information services department, collate and analyze system generated IPM data, and prepare management reports.

Planning: Provide support in developing strategic and meta-planning processes and tools, program and project planning tools and techniques, communicate planning & strategies, community organizing tools and resource mobilization, training management tools, and database management tools critical to the functioning of the Program.

Data Analysis and Reporting: Help develop and analyze quantitative data for management control and evaluation purposes, prepare factual and statistical data, assist in making presentations of study findings/recommendations to department and County management and boards and commissions.

Policy and Regulation Impact: Help collect, review, analyze and make recommendations on existing or proposed federal and state act and regulations, policies, procedures, systems, and other management activities, and assess impact or potential impact of proposed changes on projects.

Best Practices: Assist in conducting analytical studies and surveys on procedures, practices, successful adoptions, organizations; gather and analyze management data, inform and prepare reports, and other related management functions.

Co-ordination and Outreach: Help perform a variety of analytical studies and/or projects, including coordinating communication and outreach activities, designed to improve the operational efficiencies and effectiveness of the Projects. Help conduct outreach to the County departments, and employees, and representatives from other organizations and groups, and the general public to give and/or secure necessary information. Help serve as the program resource on any questions in the area studied and conduct or assist in conducting studies requiring inter-departmental coordination.

Website Content Management: Maintain Program and Project websites, operate content management system, design pages, posts, and templates, and training modules, and provide tracking, surveys and other queries.

Performs other related duties as required.

This position will be working on Integrated Pest Management Administration. For more information about that department, click here.

Click here for the job description and to apply.

Questions? E-mail Naresh Duggai at

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