The People Have Spoken: Using Forest and Firewood National Polling Data to Promote Forest Health

This webinar will discuss results from a national survey of citizen attitudes toward invasive species, firewood movement, and forest health. This webinar is jointly sponsored by the SREF Forest Health and Invasive Species Program and the Firewood Outreach Coordinating Initiative.

This webinar is scheduled for Jan 25, 2017 1:00 pm US/Eastern.

Invasive species are a major forest health threat in North America, costing federal, state, and local governments billions of dollars annually for monitoring, management, and mitigation of impacts.  Landowners are often negatively affected when forest ecosystems are changed and they lose valuable trees to invasive pests.  Human-mediated movement of invasive species is a common method in which pests travel long distances.  Using data from a national survey of U.S. citizens, this webinar will discuss people’s attitudes and knowledge towards invasive species and the relationship with firewood.  We will consider these data, and the common perceptions of individuals who routinely frequent the outdoors, in the broader context of forest health.

How To Register / Participate?

You do not need to pre-register for this webinar. Space is NOT limited. On the day of the webinar, a Join button will be available on this page that will allow you to register for and join the live webinar. Please plan to join the Webinar 15 minutes early so that you can register and take a short survey (if applicable).

This webinar uses Blackboard Collaborate to facilitate the webinar.

If your computer or smart device is setup with Blackboard Collaborate, you can participate in a live or on-demand Collaborate hosted webinar using the following instructions. If you have yet to configure your computer or smart device please see the “Configuring your Computer or Smart Device” section below for information on how to set up blackboard collaborate on your computer or smart device.

  • Login as a Guest using your FULL name – Upon completing the webinar registration and pre-survey, if applicable, on the Webinar Portal, you will automatically be directed to the NCSU Collaborate hosting site where you will be able to join the webinar session. On the Collaborate “Join Session” page, enter your FULL name in the ‘Log In as a Guest’ text box at the bottom of the page. This will log you into the webinar session being hosted on the NCSU Collaborate website. (no password is needed)
  • Click the “Join Session Now” button to join the session. The webinar will then download on your computer (This may take a couple minutes to complete). If prompted to open or save the webinar meeting.collab file that was downloaded, select open using the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. Once you are in the session, please follow the information on audio setup.

Note: If you browser did not automatically open the downloaded meeting.collab file, you may have to locate the downloaded file in your browser’s download folder and open it manually.

If there are any presentation handouts from the speaker, the webinar software will prompt you to download and save them to your computer. Please make sure that you select to download and save these file(s).

Hardware or software issues can be directed to Blackboard Collaborate 24-hour support at 866-388-8674, option 2 -or- visit the Blackboard Collaborate technical support website.

Technical questions or problems should be addressed to Bob Bardon (, 919-515-5575) or Eric Taylor (, 903-834-6191).
CFE questions, program questions, or to suggest future webinars, please contact Bill Hubbard (, 706-340-5070).

Click here for login instructions.

**If this is the first webinar you have attended through, it is highly recommended that you begin the process of getting your computer set up at least 15 minutes prior to the webinar start time to ensure everything is in proper working order**

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