Updated List of Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in Drinking Water Available

The Environmental Protection Agency has updated its list of human health benchmarks for pesticides (HHBP) in drinking water. A total of 394 HHBPs are now available for pesticides that are currently registered for use on food crops or other use that could result in exposure through food or drinking water. EPA develops these benchmarks as screening levels for use by states and water systems in determining whether the detection of a pesticide in drinking water or a drinking water source may indicate a potential health risk. All benchmarks were calculated with updated exposure assumptions (related to body weight and drinking water intake). Three pesticides previously listed in the table (d-allethrin, S-bioallethrin, and bioallethrin) were removed due to updated exposure pattern information demonstrating that these pesticides are no longer used on food. The available information also indicates they do not have the potential to reach drinking water sources.

View the revised list of human health benchmarks for pesticides.

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