Short Course in Insect Chemical Ecology

Penn State University, USA, May 31 – June 14, 2017

Chemical communication among insects, plants, animals, and pathogens interactions of evolutionary importance at the molecular, biochemical, neurophysiological, behavioral, and ecological levels with special emphasis on plant-insect and microbe-insect interactions, olfaction, insects and disease, pollination, pheromones and their applied uses, and techniques in chemical ecology research.

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Assistant Researcher, Pollinator Biology

Position number 0083260 11-month tenure-track

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Cornell University scientists sequence genome for whitefly

In Delta Farm Press

A tiny insect that feeds on some 1,000 plant species and transmits more than 300 plant viruses, causing billions of dollars in crop losses each year worldwide, is now about to be subjected to new depths of research that could lead to more effective control.

An international team of researchers at the Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University has sequenced the genome of the whitefly, termed “a formidable threat to food security.” Continue reading

All Bugs Good and Bad webinar series begins Friday

The 2017 webinar series All Bugs Good and Bad starts this Friday. Please join us for this webinar series for information you can use about good and bad insects.  We used your feedback to bring topics that you suggested.   We will discuss troublesome insects such as invasive ants, landscape pests, vegetable pests, and house dwellers as well as arachnids too.  Not all insects are bad, though, come and meet some of our native pollinators!   Continue reading