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    March 2017
    M T W T F S S
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SARE Funding in Your State

Since 1988, SARE has awarded $245 million for more than 6,100 research and education initiatives led by innovative farmers, ranchers, researchers and educators who are committed to improving agriculture’s profitability, stewardship and quality of life.

SARE Grants Funded in Your State.

Get information on all the projects SARE has funded in your state since 1988. Here is just a glimpse:

  • Using funding from a Southern SARE Producer grant, researchers from Alabama Cooperative Extension (ACE) tested low-cost pest exclusion systems suitable for high pest pressure areas using high tunnels and shade cloths. ACE created a series of bulletins that highlight research data and field observations about the success of shade cloth as a more permanent barrier system around high tunnels. <more in AL>
  • A Western SARE Graduate Student grant recipient in Washington is examining the efficiency of biodegradable plastic mulches, their performance, degradation and impacts on agroecosystems. A model will be developed to predict soil water and heat flow, as well as crop growth and productivity under biodegradable mulch production systems. <more in WA>
  • A South Dakota cattle rancher received a North Central SARE Farmer Rancher grant to experiment with reduced-pesticide fly control systems to conserve beneficial insects, especially the dung beetle. Using non-chemical and chemical controls, she has reduced pesticide use and developed a manual, A Dung Beetle’s Place on Your Ranch, to share her results. <more in SD>
  • A team of New York farmers and researchers has received a Northeast SARE Research and Education grant to study combinations of perennial grains and legumes that can be no-till seeded to increase yields and profits on under-producing pasture and hayfields that cannot be seeded using conventional tillage. Twenty farmers will establish perennial grant crops on a total of 400 acres with the aim of reducing soil erosion and establishing a new niche market. <more in NY>

Find the updated grants lists, portfolio summaries and links to state webpages at www.sare.org/Grants/Funded-Grants-in-Your-State.




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