iPiPE Cooperative Agricultural Project RFA is open

The Integrated Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (iPiPE) is now accepting applications for 4-year Crop-Pest Program statements of interest for their Cooperative Agricultural Projects. The iPiPE CAP, funded by a 2015 USDA AFRI 5-yr $7 million grant, provides such an infrastructure with cyberage tools, information products and expert commentary for detection and management of new, foreign, or emerging target pests and endemic pests that threaten U.S. crops. By categorizing pests, data, and users, it enables sharing pest observations while protecting privacy of individuals, companies, and government agencies. iPiPE Crop-Pest Programs (CPPs) incentivize growers and consultants to submit observations on target and endemic pests by providing tools and information for timely management decisions. Coordinated by extension professionals from across the nation, CPPs address a variety of crops and pests and provide undergraduate students with hands-on extension and diagnostic experiences. Risk-based research helps prioritize detection efforts for target pests and direct in-field scouting for endemic pests.

Observations housed in a national pest observation depository enable future research using geographically extensive, multi-year databases. The iPiPE CAP will fund 7 new CPPs in 2018.

Deadline: May 4, 2017, at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Who is eligible to apply:

Extension Professionals will coordinate CPP extension and education activities and act as Program Coordinators. Program Coordinators: (i) select and mentor two undergraduate summer interns each year; (ii) engage growers, crop consultants and other stakeholders to use the iPiPE; (iii) update or create new pest and beneficial organism management guidelines and commentaries as warranted, and (iv) work with support staff from the IPM Institute to develop IPM Elements for their CPP.

Procedure for Submitting an iPiPE CPP Statement of Interest. Extension professionals who are interested in Coordinating a CPP are required to submit their name, title, institution, email address, expected collaborators if any and description of the proposed CPP by 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on May 4, 2017 using the Southern IPM Center’s online submission system at http://projects.ipmcenters.org/Southern/public/ViewRFA.cfm?rfaid=100. Applicants are strongly encouraged to first read the “mission” and “rationale” sections of the iPiPE CAP proposal and the outputs and outcomes of CPPs from 2015 and 2016 posted on the iPiPE Outreach website, explore the interactive IPM Element, and the new Extension Public website (may not have much/any content this early in the 2017 season). These websites can be reached via the iPiPE Portal (http://www.ipipe.org).

Request for Applications

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