USFS Drought and invasive species webinar – September 14

The next US Forest Service drought webinar entitled “Drought and Invasive Species” is scheduled for Thursday September 14, 2017 from 2 to 3:30pm EST.  Directors Allen Rowley and Cindi West will provide opening remarks followed by several excellent speakers.

They anticipate a stimulating discussion with questions and answers. You may also earn continuing education credits if you are interested. Please call using conference line: 877-369-5243 and passcode: 0368706#.  To view the presentations, please connect using  If you are in Washington, DC and would like to join in person, please come to the Civilian Conservation Corps room (PNW04) in the Yates building.

For audio there are 2 options:                                   

1)    Phone: please mute your computer speakers and call 877-369-5243 and use access code: 0368706# or

2)    Use audio through your computer: please make sure your computer speakers are on and listen with the speakers or headphones.

Please note that phone audio will allow you to both listen and ask questions.  If you listen through the computer, you will not be able to speak up with questions, but you will be able to type questions in the web meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Lois Ziemann at  Live captions will be provided and keyboard commands will provide accessibility.  If you are not able to join on September 14, please know that a  recording of the webinar will be available upon its conclusion at the same webinar link as shown above.

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