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    October 2017
    M T W T F S S
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    The Southern Region IPM Center is located at North Carolina State University, 1730 Varsity Drive, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC 27606, and is sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
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Northeastern IPM Center Director position open

The  College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences  (CALS)  is  a  pioneer  of  purpose­driven  science  and   Cornell  University’s  second  largest  college.  We  work  across  disciplines  to  tackle  the  challenges   of  our  time  through  world­renowned  research,  education  and  outreach.  The  questions  we  probe   and  the  answers  we  seek  focus  on  three  overlapping  concerns:  natural  and  human  systems;;   food,  energy  and  environmental  resources;;  and  social,  physical  and  economic  well-­being.

The  Northeastern  IPM  Center  fosters  the  development  and  adoption  of  integrated  pest   management,  a  science-­based  approach  to  dealing  with  pests  -­  one  that  provides  economic,   environmental,  and  human  health  benefits.  We  engage  with  stakeholders  in  agricultural,  urban,   and  rural  settings  who  work  with  us  to  identify  and  address  regional  priorities,  whether  for   research,  education,  or  outreach.  

The  Director  leads  the  Northeastern  IPM  Center  to  fulfill  its  mission  of  fostering  integrated  pest   management  in  the  region  in  ways  that  generate  economic,  environmental,  and  human  health   benefits.  This  professional  works  in  partnership  with  stakeholders  from  agricultural,  urban,  and   rural  settings  to  help  them  identify  and  address  priorities  for  research,  education,  and  outreach

in  the  northeastern  U.S.  (for  details  on  the  region  and  Center,  see  http://www.northeastipm.org).       The  position  involves  strategizing,  managing  and  diversifying  funding;;  networking  and  fostering   teams;;  developing  regional  information;;  and  co-­managing  the  grants  program.

The  job  duties  include:

  • Develop  and  follow a  strategic  plan  for  the  Center  that  coheres  with  its  mission  and   review  it  annually  with  staff  and  adviso
  • Develop  and  adhere  to  budgets,  submit  proposals,  oversee  the  fulfilling  of  objectives.
  • Diligently  manage  Center  finances,  reporting,  and  continuation proposals,  and  oversee   all  projects.
  • Connect  with  scientists,  Extension  personnel,  growers,  activists,  and  others  across  the   Northeast,  not  only  to  understand  their  needs  and  priorities,  but  to  also  help  meet  those   needs  through IPM  programming  and  grants.
  • Document  and  disseminate  IPM  success  stories  and  other  relevant  IPM  information   through  the  IPM  Insights  quarterly  newsletter.
  • Define  and  develop  reporting  mechanisms  for  measurable  outcomes;;  analyze  and   evaluate major  program  efforts.
  • Ensure  that  the  Center’s  IPM  Partnership  Grants  Program  ($300,000)  and  other  funding   sources are  managed  effectively.
  • Serve  as  a  liaison  to  constituen
  • Participate  in  courses,  workshops,  seminars,  and  self­guided study  to  hone  managerial   and  leadership  skills.

This  position  is  full-­time  and  will  be  located  in  Ithaca,  New  York.  This  is  a  five-­year   appointment  with  possible  extension  depending  on  funding  and  performance.

The  anticipated  start  date  is  January  1,  2018  or  as  negotiated.  

Required  Qualifications:  

  • Master  of  Science  degree  from an  accredited  institution  in  an  IPM-­related  field  with  8+   years  of  relevant  experience  in  education,  entomology,  plant  pathology,  IPM,   Cooperative  Extension,  or  a  closely  related  field
  • Broad  knowledge  and  experience  in  IPM  and  an  ability  to  effectively  interact  and   communicate  orally-­and in  writing-­with  growers,  consultants,  faculty  extension  staff,   government  entities,  and  the  public.
  • Comfortable  with  electronic  communication.
  • Talent  in  leading  and  inspiring  teams  of  staff  and  other  ad  hoc  groups.
  • Proven  organizational  and  time-­management  skills.
  • Strong  leadership  and  teamwork  skills.
  • Knowledge  of  budgets,  budgeting,  finance,  and  fundraising.
  • Broad  management  experience.
  • Prior  experience  in  project  management,  coordination,  and  evaluation.
  • Knowledge  of  the  philosophy  and  objectives  of  the  Land  Grant  System  and  Cooperative
  • Strong  interpersonal  skills  with  proven  ability  to  work  with  diverse  audiences  in  group   and  one-­on-­one  settings,  working  effectively  with  advisory  boards,  committees,  and   funding  partners.
  • Effective  written  and  oral  communication  skills.

Preferred  Qualifications:

  • PhD  from  an  accredited  institution  in  an  IPM-­related  field  with  6+  years  of  relevant   experience in  education,  entomology,  plant  pathology,  IPM,  Cooperative  Extension,  or  a   closely  related  field.
  • Familiarity  with  pest  management  issues  in  both  the  agricultural  and urban  secto

To  apply:

Please  apply  via  Academic  Jobs  On-­line  https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/10133

Qualified  applications  should  submit  a  cover  letter,  résumé  or  curriculum  vitae  and  the  names  of   at  least  three  individuals  who  can  be  contacted  to  provide  letters  of  recommendation

The  position  will  remain  open  until  filled.    Review  of  applications  will  begin  on  November  15,   2017.  For  questions  regarding  the  position,  please  contact  Mike  Hoffmann  at   mph3@cornell.edu.  

Click here for the job description and to apply.

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