BeeMORE Undergraduate Summer Research paid internship

If you are an undergraduate science major who is interested in pursuing a career in STEM, there is an exciting new opportunity to develop your skills while studying the interface between microbes and beesBeeMORE is a USDA-funded Research and Extension Experience for Undergraduates who are interested in significantly advancing their research skills in the field, the laboratory, or both.

Potential projects include (but not limited to):

– Disease ecology of native pollinators

– Evaluating the microbial diversity found in DNA from beehives

– Discovering new yeasts from bees for brewing beer

– Metagenomic surveys of bees and hives

– Assessing the use of RNAi as a pest control method for hive pests

– Elucidating the gut microbiome of honey bee queens

– Culturing and characterizing properties of bee pathogens


– Program runs from May 30th to August 3rd 2018 (9 weeks), and some accommodations for travel can be provided

– Students will receive a $500 stipend per week ($4,500 total for the summer) PLUS free room and board at our Wolf Village Apartments

– Successful applicants will be paired with faculty mentor programs to conduct their own research most amenable to their research interests and background

– Activities will include presentations, group field trips, extension meetings, and the NC State Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Apply now!

– DEADLINE: Application review will begin on February 28th, 2018

– Apply online at:

– Have more questions? Email us at: or 

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