Upcoming Environmental Modeling in Ground Water Public Meeting

On May 23, 2018, EPA will hold an Environmental Modeling Public Meeting (EMPM). This meeting provides a public forum for pesticide registrants, other stakeholders and EPA to discuss current issues related to modeling pesticide fate, transport, and exposure for pesticide risk assessments in a regulatory context. Additionally, this meeting will provide a forum for presentations on methods for assessing pesticide monitoring data in surface waters. 

This meeting will focus on:

  • Quantitative use of surface water monitoring data in pesticide exposure/risk assessment;
  • Calibration of water quality models using surface water data;
  • Comparisons of pesticide monitoring and modeling data;
  • Chemical removal efficacy of drinking water and sewage treatment and monitoring data for agricultural, urban, forestry and aquatic pesticide applications; and
  • Updates on ongoing topics.

Requests to participate in the meeting must be received on or before April 23, 2018.

Please contact Rebecca Lazarus (Lazarus.Rebecca@epa.gov) or Andrew Shelby (Shelby.Andrew@epa.gov) to register for this meeting. More information can be found at www.regulations.gov in docket # EPA-HQ-OPP-2009-0879. Sign up for updates and abstract requests for future Environmental Modeling Public Meetings.

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